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Many thanks to the following for their invaluable help in my research...

Anna M Roberts Woodcock~my mother and the inspiration behind this project.

Carolyn Jones Brumfield~my “other mom” who has supported me whole-heartedly
      in my search for the Jones and Stevens lines.

Laura Roberts Cain~my dear aunt who has supports my efforts and has ridden all
      over southeast Louisiana in search of illusive cemeteries.

Sarah Roberts Barnes~another dear aunt who helped verify our Wascom line and
      McMillian connections.

Alice Roberts Rushing~yet another dear auntie who indulged an unannounced
      visit and provided invaluable help with the libraries and cemeteries in Washington

Bill Roberts~my mother’s first cousin who solved the mystery of McMillan Cemetery
      and pointed out the unmarked plots of my great grandparents.

Rebekah Woodcock~my sister who chauffeured me around to countless counties
      and cemeteries throughout south Mississippi.

Clarence Woodcock~his amazing website cwoodcock.com is an invaluable database
      for the Woodcock surname.

Edward Breland~has done a fantastic job documenting the William Woodcock, Sr, line.

David Sprinkle~a double cousin of mine without whom I may never have solved the
      mystery of Ramsey Roberts’ true parentage. He is a veritable gold mine of information
      on the Whittington, Creel, and Dearman families.

J Hugh LeBaron~author of the book Perry Volunteers in the Mexican War who was
      gracious enough to allow me to quote his work in reference to Private James A Jones.

Susan Buckley~administrator of the “O” List who was welcoming and helpful with her
      advice even though I have yet to find written historical documentation our Overstreet
      connection. This mailing list and the Overstreet Homestead are excellent examples of
      quality genealogical research and collaboration.

Mrs Jane Parker McManus~a Tippit researcher who helped debunk the Davis family
      adoption rumor and whose website provides a wealth of information on Rebecca Tippit
      and Alford Davis family.

Alice Weber~a Woodcock cousin who has contributed so much to the history of Long
      Beach, Mississippi, with her book on Allen Cemetery. For ordering information contact
      Alice directly
. She has also begun working on her next book the subject of which is the
      cemetery at Antioch Baptist Church.

Belton Carver, EdD~a Bernard researcher who has so graciously allowed me to share his
      notes and findings regarding John Louis Bernard on this site.

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